The Middle East

The Middle East is a grand epic, a cradle of civilisations and a beautiful, complicated land that's home to some of the planet's most hospitable people. There they sit alongside the more secular charms of bazaars and coffee shops that seem to embody all the mystery and storytelling magic of a land that gave us The Thousand and One Nights.

Wherever you find yourself, the past is always present because here, perhaps more than anywhere else on earth, history is the heart and soul of the land.

The message is simple: forget the clichés that masquerade as Middle Eastern truth – a visit here is one of the most varied and soulful travel experiences on earth.

Asia & South East Asia

Asia is an absolute melting pot where modern cities meet ancient temples, and chaotic tranquility exist as one. A continent where modern beauty and Colonial influences meet ancient rituals and where all the great religions intermix. Visitors to Asia always seem to get something special. Asia offers exotic journeys, amazing food and luxurious beaches and hideaways. Journey to Asia for fascinating glimpses into world-famous landmarks and UNESCO world heritage sites. From great walls, and spiritual getaways there

is something for everyone.

Indian Subcontinent

Jump in feet first to the colorful world of the Indian Subcontinent! From the bright colors and bustling markets of India, or just the beautiful surroundings when you're soaking up the surf vibes on a Sri Lankan beach... whatever it is you're looking for, this region will definitely not disappoint.

Discover this captivating region of the world - home to the hot and spicy curries, the stunning mountainous range of the Himalayas, the endangered and majestic Indian Tiger, and a variety of cultures that has shaped to make the subcontinent the enchanting nation it is today. 

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