Western & Southern Europe

Europe offers romance, luxury, fashion, natural beauty, architecture and history all within stunning classic settings. Where lovers embrace and waterways meander past castles and vineyards. Where you can be serenaded on gondolas with sounds of opera or violin strings enchanting you through a labyrinth of canals. Where the turquoise water of the Mediterranean slowly change colours as the sun sets over Santorini. Where ancient ruins can be viewed from a park bench, cobblestone streets or seaside gardens. Sample the best chocolates, beer, single malts and gelatos anywhere.

Let us create a perfect European agenda suited just for you.

Great Britain & Ireland

Visiting Britain is like travelling in your own personal time machine. More than 5000 years of history are sown into the British soil: here you can walk around a neolithic stone circle, stand atop an Iron Age hill fort, visit a Roman bath, conquer a Norman castle, marvel at a medieval cathedral. Britain also boasts an astonishing diversity of landscapes: moors, mountains, glens, lakes, woodlands, fields, dales and endless miles of craggy coastline. Throw in 15 national parks, numerous nature reserves and countless beauty spots, and it all adds up to a nonstop inspirational panorama – as generations of poets, painters, musicians and photographers have discovered to their, and our, advantage. Tramp the hills, cycle the lanes, bask on the beaches and wander the cliffs – the great British countryside awaits.

The Nordics

The great outdoors is rarely greater than in Europe's big north. Epic expanses of wilderness – forests, lakes, volcanoes – and intoxicatingly pure air mean engaging with nature is a viscerally pleasurable experience. National parks cover the region, offering some of Europe's best hiking as well as anything from kayaking to glacier-walking to bear-watching. Spectacular coasts invite exploration from the sea, whether there be rugged fjords, cliffs teeming with seabirds or archipelagos so speckled with islands it looks like an artist flicked a paintbrush at a canvas. Wildlife from whales to wolverines

awaits the fortunate observer.

Travelling here, you'll be struck by the excellent levels of environmental protection, the sensible 'why don't we do that back home' impact-reducing strategies and the forward thinking. It makes for pleasurably enlightening travel.

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