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The Gift of Travel this Christmas

We didn’t get a heads-up that the Coronavirus would shut the world down. Most of us had to cancel holiday plans and there was no opportunity to steal away one last time before locking down indefinitely.

But our appetite for travel has not gone down; it’s in our DNA to travel, and while the world may have seemed to “hit pause”, we’ve been working to give you and your loved ones something truly inspiring to look forward to.

Now, more than ever, the world could use a little magic, and what better time than Christmas, than the gift of Travel – whether it be an epic journey, a unique road trip adventure, a creative retreat or a weekend staycation – and you’re giving so much more than a holiday. You’re helping to create precious memories that will last a lifetime – and outlast a life. And If you’re going to give the gift of travel that you hope will be cherished forever, make it a meaningful and memorable one. We’re here to help!

Ask yourself…Next time the opportunity strikes, where will you go? Bucket list are cliché yes, but there’s never been a better time to dream up yours and your family’s.

Would you rather dive a Caribbean shipwreck, or ride a mountain bike down Bolivia's no-rails Road of Death? Which are you keener to drink at the source: Belgian Trappist ales, or peaty Scotches in the Highlands? Do you feel your soul stir when the beat drops amid laser-strewn fog at an Ibiza beach party, or after hiking to a remote Bhutanese monastery? Would you prefer to get stunned by the Great Pyramid of Giza, or walk along the Great Wall of China? Explore Petra. Visit the Colosseum. Dive in the Galapagos. Walk to Chichen Itza. Trek to Machu Picchu. Discover the Taj Mahal. Hike to Christ the Redeemer. Go on a safari conservation expedition. Chase the aurora borealis in Finland.The list is endless…

Planning a road trip, searching for the best ways to tick off experiences out of your travel bucket list, or finding the holiday destination that’s right for you and your travel companions is fun, but information overload can also be overwhelming, even more when the rules of travel have changed so drastically. Don’t worry and let us be your guiding light. We will take care of all the details and will be with you every step of the way; before, during and after the trip. Whatever your travel dreams are, we can create them especially for you and/or your loved ones.

Give the gift of travel this Christmas with Blaycation Travel. You decide when, how, where, and we help you deliver the best Christmas gift ever under the Christmas Tree. And if you want to make it even more special, we will present your travel gift in the form of a personalized travel video.

It’s not hard to give the gift of travel this Christmas. It just takes a little bit of imagination. Join your loved-ones and you can create travel memories together that you’ll treasure forever – long after they discard the socks with holes and forget where they put those gardening shears :-)

And our Holiday Gift cards or videos, never expires! That means you can gift them now and your loved one can use it 6 months or five years from now. This makes the gift of travel the perfect option for your family and friends with busy schedules. They’ll be ecstatic to open their Enchanted Travel gift card or Video on Christmas morning, then the excitement will continue as they begin to brainstorm and plan their future trip!

Terms & conditions:

- First travel consultation free of charge.

- Once the planning process starts, we will require a minimum service fee of 350$. (Gift Video, research & planning fee)

- Once the first travel proposal has been approved, we will require a minimum 10% deposit to secure the trip.

- Credit card payments accepted only for Canadian $

- Wire transfers accepted

If you want to find out more and receive a tailor-made proposal, give us a call or write to us! We're here for you! or +4915145740253 / +1 (902) 441-5664

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